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Supplementary services

Our Slogan: "Success is that one has exactly the skills that are in demand right now." (Henry Ford)

We offer a variety of human resources solutions - across all industries. Our business lives inter alia of the power of networks and partner properties. We help our customers flexible and professional in carrying out their tasks by using tools such as temporary employment, recruitment, interim management, outsourcing also Call Center Solutions.

The company differentiates itself from its competitors by the way in which customers see products, services and employees. Who speaks of customer focus, also speaks of employee orientation. With happy employees, you get happy customers. Long-term customer loyalty is measurable, feasible and necessary. Make use of our know-how in the after sales, sales and marketing.

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After Sales Marketing

Gain freedom in sales and marketing

Since 2006, we support our customers in telemarketing - mainly through Outbounding. We take care of the customer communication with professional customer orientation.

Transparent evaluations are an integral part of our services and the basis for accurate quality measures.

Our services usually refers to the art marketing support and distribution (such as address qualifications, customer surveys, appointment).

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Temporary expert

More flexibility by efficient personnel policy

We offer quick help with economic fluctuations and reduces errors to be select skills and industries. Whether seasonal peak order, project-specific know-how, large order or vacation time, sick leave or maternity leave.

We are in possession of indefinite leave under Article 1 § 1 of the Act to regulate of temporary workers (AÜG), issued by the Federal Employment Agency Regional Directorate of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

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Supplementary services

for business development and investments

Our Constitution allows the formation of strategic partnerships / alliances, support for sustainable business concepts and business development. In this strategically and economically viable investments in other companies, the establishment of branches and performing stores are meant, which are related to our core business, directly or indirectly. Thus, we consider, in close cooperation with the ADL CONSULTING and develop strategic approaches to this. Flexibility and vision ensure business success and strengthen existing partnerships and client relationships.

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