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Applying our comprehensive potential of knowledge and experience from the whole variety of engineering services in the building industry, we offer a wide range of services:

Our Slogan: "Pursue ways, accompany buildings, make architecture able to be experienced." (Ulrich Schepp)

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Property documentation

Everything at one glance!
- digitized, systemized, objective, and neutral -

The object of the real estate documentation is comprehensive, standardized and objective presentation of real estate. Capture our performance in both new and existing homes in the residential, commercial or public sector. There are value-neutral all object-related data - classified and sorted - IFRS compliant. We obtain a detailed overview of the assets acquired and the necessary confidence in dealing with the property.

These include:
  - As-built drawings, installation drawings, views and details
  - Property and development, building ground and land charges
  - Structural analysis, general construction details, specific values,
    extensions a.s.o.
  - Maintenance and repair schedules, inspections and reports
  - Financing documents, building stocks, mortgaging, insurances
    and contracts

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Compilation of historical synopses

If houses were able to talk ...

Investors and owners of historic homes often have a vested interest in the history of rented and owner-occupied properties. The influence of a historical demolition of the value of the objects is often underestimated.

Investment properties - particularly those with advanced age - often have an interesting story. Information and documentation but is scarce and often scattered.Only a targeted search, coupled with a corresponding cost can be helpful. We are facing and develop upon request, an historical overview of your property.

We offer archival research, documentation and presentation for property owners, buyers, or as support for marketing by external agencies and brokers.

Furthermore, we create relevant documents to the respective objects, such as short-and large exposes, flyers for successful sales and rental negotiations but also energy certificates and appraisals.
The property documentation is an excellent basis for these fields. On the basis of the data collected and processed by us fast, object-based and cost-effective advertising materials are created. The property documentation enables us not only in the ability to develop advertising materials. Any other service provider, due to the digitized information at the request of the owner to create appropriate products quickly and easily.

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